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Release Notes: 7/26/2018



  • Official comment
    Ben Rorick

    Thank you all for your feedback! We will continue to develop the software to meet the needs of our users with the help of our Feature Requests community forum, where users have been letting us know what they need.

  • Kapp studio

    Glad to see FedEx One Rate added! The bulk edit tool is a nice addition as well.

  • Shawn

    Still waiting for a more advanced physical inventory feature.  Scanning barcodes in bulk and saving a stocktake (not manually editing quantity product by product).

  • Martin

    Yes great changes!!! Draft System is going in the right direction. Great that you can serialize now!

    Please add sharing inventory with BigCommerce and help us doing physical inventory!

  • nataliya

    Would be great to see proper returns feature to keep track of all of the returns.


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