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Release Notes - 5/12/2021




  • Official comment
    Rome Warnsley

    Hey Andrew! 

    Good news! Ecomdash is actively developing features based on user feedback from old and new feature requests. Any new updates will be released directly on your dashboard's announcements section or here within Announcements. 

    Thanks again for your feedback!  

  • Andrew Kamchi

    I have to admit that the release schedule so far in 2021 is incredibly disappointing. With Ecomdash being part of a larger entity, and having access to more funds / developers, one would think that the improvements would be legion and often. Instead, we get few new features and a sprinkling of bug fixes. Here we are in May, and to have Fixed Filter Counts / Pagination as 1/2 is maddening. There are so many aspects of Ecomdash that can be fixed, improved, added that it is hard to understand what is and isn't happening with this app. Missing features, difficult to use features, incomplete instruction sets, etc etc etc. Just being able to see warehouse counts accurately alone could be greatly improved so that I don't have to become a research scientist to know how much I have in FBA vs my warehouse would be great. Just one of many desires. Every year I say the same thing... I really hope that things improve as the months pass for the rest of 2021.


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