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Incident Report 2/2



  • Official comment
    Ben Rorick

    Hey Thomas,

    Thanks for reaching out and providing the additional information. The main issue has been identified and we are working to resolve it. We will be continuing to post updates here as we have them.


  • Thomas Sansone - Video Game Trader

    Thanks Ben. However, i would like to add that, at least for me, it isn't a general slowness. Most areas of eComDash we use are not working at all. Searches are failing, pages are not completely loading, causing them to not work properly. For my purposes, eComDash is basically down. Hopefully you guys will fix this soon. Thanks.

  • David Doherty

    Will this fix address the Sales Orders Export that is stuck in Queue?

  • Thomas Sansone - Video Game Trader

    Some areas seem to be improving. But Active Listing Searches are still timing out.

  • Josh Stamper

    Is anyone else having issues importing there shopify orders? Mine hasnt synced since Jan 31st.

  • contact

    It seems no orders come too


  • handaproduct


    I am seeing on one of my imports through FTP that that Queue is working used to be about 40 now its 15.

    I had another import i was doing to shopify and that is stuck in process at 2199 of 9000 for over 2 hours. 

  • Kim Sasse

    I have sales orders that I tried to export to Quickbooks also still stuck in a Pending state.


    - Hi Kim, we see that you created a ticket for this issue as well. We will reach out with an update on that ticket as soon as possible. - Benjamin 2/2/18 2:40 PM EST


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