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New Shipping Workflow Overview



  • Sean

    We are getting a pop up stating $0 for postage. We have tried continue and cancel. The correct shipping settings are assigned but the postage is not getting pulled. We have reverted to old platform until you get this functional.

  • jeffordsra

    how did you revert i cant even get the dashboard to pull up in chrome only ie and it is still not working

  • Scott_VoW

    Looks like it would be useful if you're shipping out a bunch of stuff that's all the same. If, like me, you sell one of a kind items of various weights and via different shipping methods, this new workflow is just a lot more work. Switched back to the old version, hopefully that option sticks around.

  • Sean

    there is a little sentence in unshipped that sates "Click here to use old shipping workflow" which changes unshipped back to the old gui. it is right above the number of orders shown per page drop down on the upper left of the gui.

  • TGR

    Can't purchase any labels, super slow, and shipping workflow is now more complicated.

    We are in the same situation as Scott. We sell a lot of items with different weights and different shipping methods. With the new workflow, it will be a lot more work. 

  • todd

    This design/workflow must have been created by a techie with no real world ecommerce/retail experience.  You went from being able to ship multiple orders from a single screen with a few dropdowns and get shipments completed quickly and efficiently.  Now their slick visual first workflow is cumbersome, requires many more user actions and several page loads (SLOW!).

    I have two orders that the individual orders details show unshipped but one of them I started the workflow and now it is nowhere to be found within the shipping workflow section.  I have to find the order by itself and go into it to do anything with it,

    This workflow is a huge regression, not an improvement, for the way we do business.

  • dp4648

    Same here.  Sometimes we don't know which shipping service we'll use, Fedex, UPS, USPS?  New workflow takes a loooong time to even see the rates.  We also ship different sizes and weights almost every shipment.  This literally adds minutes to each shipment which is difficult.  I see what you're trying to do but it has to be simpler.  Can't click button after button to get a label.  Should be able to get it all on one page then buy the label?  Additionally our USPS rates are different on the old format vs the new one.  I ran one label the new format was $8.10 and old format over $20.  The $20 is right so I'm worried the ones we did with the new format will come back.  

  • todd

    Also new dashboard takes FOREVER to load. It's taking 20-30 seconds on every machine we have tried - desktop, mobile, laptops, using cable internet connection, T1 line and even trying on a fiber network. Also have had several attempts (including right now) where nothing leads at all and get page with Runtime Error Server Error in '/' Application message and site is totally down/inaccessible

  • Matt

    Just want to reiterate what others have said.  the new workflow is HORRIBLE for us:

    1. It takes much longer to load at each step, and we've run into issues of shipping orders completely not showing up in the pick, pack, ship stage.  I've had to find them in the shipping order queue, cancel them and redo.

    2. the new workflow is wayyyyyyy more inefficient because it forces us to "batch" shipping orders by Carrier, and shipment type instead of being able to edit those one by one as we make our way through the queue.

    3. it's harder to compare rates and you can't easily switch back and forth between Carriers to compare

    4. we have continued to use the "old workflow" for our shipping but then when printing labels, the PDF file isn't generated and we've been told that's on purpose to force people to use the new workflow. LOL.  so now we have to manually reprint each label because it's STILL quicker than using the new workflow

    5. this is more than personal preference - this new workflow has fundamentally changed how we operate for the negative and quite frankly, if a solution is not found, we will be finding a different software - I'm sorry, but it's that bad.  

    6. this new workflow is so fundamentally different, that I feel cheated because it's NOT THE SOFTWARE we paid for (we have an annual subscription).  If this change had happened before renewal, we would not of renewed (and don't plan on it at this point)


    We've enjoyed Ecomdash up to this point (have used for nearly 5 years) but will have no other choice but to cancel and find something else if something is not done. 

  • Ben Rorick

    Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for your feedback, we sincerely appreciate it. I just wanted to reach out to let you all know that our work on the new shipping workflow is far from done. We are taking all feedback and are planning additional updates to ensure it fits the needs of all users. Please continue to submit your requests/recommendations as needed so that we can see what's most needed. 

    Thank you all again for your patience and understanding as we work to make shipping more efficient for everyone.

    Keep an eye out in our Announcements section for additional updates.


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