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Shipping Tips & Tricks



  • todd

    The update is an improvement but still lacks real world workflow for businesses that process shipments outside of ecomdash. The old workflow is still the only viable solution for businesses like ours where we ship with multiple carriers and process multi-order, multi-carrier whenever we use ecomdash for marking orders shipped. My orders have a MIX of shipping carriers which the old workflow let's you process simultaneously. The new workflow is still many more steps and adds significant time to processing orders (ie marking them shipped and updating tracking info). I would love to sit down and do a screen share with your team to show how silly the new process is and how unhelpful it is. Please do not cutoff the old workflow!

  • Keith Azaria

    That's a very nice feature! That is good that I can now select specific orders I want to work in shipment. Not a lot of jtm international freight forwarding company has an update like this. Though it is an improvement, it still lacks on  business workflow.


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