Getting Started with the Ecomdash API

The ecomdash API can be used to automate data in and out of our platform for a number of our features. Here is a link to our API:

The developer will need to register on the link above to create a developer account to gain access to our API.

Each developer gets assigned a developer Key. This is referenced in the API documentation as: Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key  and needs to be passed in with all API calls to identify the developer.


For a developer to get to a specific account, they need to pass in your API key for your account. This is known as ecd-subscription-key within the API documentation and needs to also be passed in on the header of all API calls from your developer.

This value can be found within your account by going to Administration -> App Store -> All Available Apps -> Subscribe to the free Mobile/API Key app. The app will now appear in your My Apps tab where you can launch it and you will see a mobile / API key that you can generate.

Both values need to be established and passed in to the API and from there all of the calls can be made that you see on the documentation tab of the API to automate your use of ecomdash.

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