Upload and Update Inventory in Bulk (.CSV File)

***Only applies to multi-warehousing users***

In ecomdash, you can upload new inventory or update your existing inventory by building a import format to match your file and uploading a .CSV file. 

Part 1- Building an Import Format: 

1. Navigate to Administration > Inventory Settings

2. Choose  "Import Format"


3. Click 'Add New Format' 

4. Give your import format a name and choose 'Add'

5. You will see two drop downs at the top of your format. One for Storefront and one for Warehouse. You will want to make sure you have the Warehouse selected from this drop down for the Warehouse you want to upload your quantity to. 

Important thing to note:

          1. If you are uploading quantities, you must select a warehouse from the drop down menu, save, and then use the Warehouse Quantity attribute in the format.

          2. If you are uploading listing attribute data, you must select the storefront that the data is in reference to from the storefront drop down menu.

6. Choose 'Add Attribute'. Using the format type selection dropdown, choose product and listing to view different attributes, create a format that matches your .CSV exactly. Find the attribute you would like to add and choose the green 'plus' button to add to your format. 

7. Click 'Save' to save your format. 

Additional Information: 

-Product attributes are attributes at the product level such as name, warehouse quantity, cost, Supplier, etc. 

-Listing attributes are attributes that are sales channel specific. If you change the storefront dropdown at the top of your import format, you can choose your storefront such as Amazon which will only show Amazon listing attributes in the listing attribute dropdown. 

-If your .CSV file contains SKU number, quantity, and name. You will find the attributes SKU number, Warehouse Quantity and Name to add to your format. 

-If your .CSV file contains 20 columns, you will want to have 20 columns on your format in ecomdash. If you cannot find an attribute within our system, use the 'Ignore' attribute to skip over that column. 

***Note: The required attributes for new products in ecomdash are SKU Number, Name, and Warehouse Quantity. *** 

**We also offer pre-built global formats that have the required attributes to list to various storefronts. Click here to learn more about our Global Inventory Formats **


Part 2- Uploading a .csv File

 1. Once your format and file are complete, click the quick links with the Bulls-Eye Ecomdash icon located at the top left of your screen and choose 'Upload Inventory' from the Inventory section. 


2. Choose your file, format, and additional settings. 

**If SKU matches existing inventory you want ecomdash to: 

-Perform no action: most commonly used when uploading new products within ecomdash. 

-Overwrite existing product details: most commonly used when adding more information to SKU numbers already in ecomdash. 

-Increase existing product quantity with file: most commonly used when adding more quantity to your products using the file. For example: if you have a quantity of 10 in ecomdash and you want to add 5 more using your file, you will choose to increase product quantity. This will then change the quantity in ecomdash to be 15. 

-Create new product if SKU does not match: If you have this checkbox checked, we will create a new product if we do not make a match on a SKU in ecomdash. If you do not want to add new products and just add more information to your products, we suggest making sure this checkbox is not checked. 

3. Click the blue 'Upload' button. 

4. To check the status of your upload, navigate to Inventory > History > Upload Inventory History 


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