How does ecomdash manage inventory on Walmart?


Within ecomdash any time a quantity adjustment is made and the Auto Sync function is turned on then we will sync that new quantity to your marketplaces the product is active on. 


The main ways a quantity adjustment can occur in ecomdash is through a sales order, purchase order, manually adjusting the quantity, a manual file upload, or an inventory feed from a supplier. 


To make sure you have auto sync turned on you will want to navigate to Administration -> Settings and check the first checkbox for auto sync inventory. 

Next you will want to turn on Auto sync for your products by going to Inventory -> Inventory Management and clicking the checkbox beside of your SKU and selecting from the blue sync actions button at the top of the screen the 'turn on auto sync' option. 


**Note: Ecomdash considers itself the master of inventory. So any changes made outside of our system will not be tracked. If you changed the quantity on Walmart directly ecomdash would not track that change. ***

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