How do I create a internal transfer? (MW Enabled)

***Only applies to multi-warehousing users in ecomdash***

Within ecomdash, you can create an internal transfer between multiple warehouses. This will transfer the quantity for your products from one warehouse to another warehouse. To create an internal transfer: 

1. Navigate to Restock Inventory - Internal transfers..

2. Click 'Create Internal Transfer'.

3. This will bring up a new screen where you will choose the origination warehouse, destination warehouse, shipped date, shipper, tracking # and estimated delivery date. 

4. Towards the bottom right, you will see a green 'Add products' button. This is what you will click to add products to your internal transfer. Using the green plus button, you will add products to your internal transfer and click close. 

5. Next, define the transfer quantity. Click 'Save'.

6. Once the products are in transit, click the blue 'Mark as In-Transit' button. 

7. You will then define the 'Received quantity' once the quantity was received by the warehouse. The received quantity should be the same as the transfer quantity however if the count was off or there were broken items, you can adjust the received quantity to be a different value. 

8. Once you enter the received quantity, you will then click the 'Mark as Received' button on the top of the internal transfer. This will then mark the internal transfer as received. 


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