How do I use the global inventory formats in ecomdash?

Within ecomdash under Administration -> Inventory Import/Export you will see a 'Copy Global Format' button with a drop down beside of it. 

To use these you would select your option from the drop down and click the copy global format button. This will create a copy of that format in your import and export formats. 

The options in the drop down are sectioned off to Product formats and Listing formats. 

For example, if you wish to upload Amazon listing attributes you would copy the 'Amazon Listing' format. If you click the binoculars for your format you will see we have added the required listing attributes to your format for you to upload. 


To export your inventory using your new format you would follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management.

2. Click the blue export button at the top of this screen. You can either select the all inventory for filter option or the selected inventory option which would export the SKUs you have selected the check boxes for.

3. Once you have selected your option you will be presented with a drop down to select your format.

4. Select your format and hit the export button next to the drop down.

5. To get your file you would go to Inventory -> History -> Inventory Export History.


To upload your file using your new format you would follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to the Quick Links button at the top left.

2. Select the 'Upload Inventory' option.

3. On the next screen select your .CSV file and format.

4. In the action drop down you will select the 'Overwrite existing product details' action if you want to overwrite what is currently set for your products.

5. Hit submit. Go to Inventory -> History -> Upload Inventory History to see any errors or check the status of your upload. 

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