Release Notes: 7-20-2016

With each software release, our team strives to continually grow our product. We want you to be able know what we are changing, so here is your inside scoop to all things new and improved with ecomdash!

20 July 2016

In this release:

o Added the ability to search based off of tracking number in the search bar on the All Shipping Orders page.

Added the listing submission message to the Queued Listings screen so you can now see any errors that may occur from the Queued Listing screen as well when you submit a listing.

Added the ability to skip validation for listings. You can now submit the listing right away without validating in the Queued Listings screen. 

o Enhanced the Sync Inventory History page to be able to view 250 entries at a time.

o Added the ability to print the receipt of goods on a Purchase Order. This will allow you to see where to place the received items when you receive them in.

o Added the global inventory formats feature under Administration -> Inventory Import/Export. These are formats we have created for you so you can upload data quickly for your products in ecomdash. The list of formats and their names are below:

Product formats

-Basic Product Details

-Product Shipping Details

-Product Supplier Details

Listing Formats

-3dCart Listing

-Amazon Listing

-BigCommerce Listing

-eBay Auction Listing

-eBay Fixed Price Listing

-Etsy Listing

-Gunbroker Auction Listing

-Gunbroker Fixed Price Listing





-Shopify Listing

-Vend Listing


Learn how to use these formats here.


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