Can you explain the sales order work flow for Jet orders?

When a sales order comes into ecomdash from, it will come into the 'Paid ready to ship' section within the Sales order module.

A order in a 'ready' status on comes into ecomdash and we look at the quantity on hand for all product on that order. From there, we will either accept the order or reject it if the sales channel can accept it. If yes, we acknowledge the order.

Only an order that went to 'ready' to 'acknowledge with an accept makes it to the paid ready to ship section within ecomdash. (The move from ready to acknowledge does happen in the back end of the service). 

From the paid ready to ship section, you have 3 options on how you would like to then ship your order. 

1. If you use an outside shipping service, you will allow your order to sit in paid ready to ship until ecomdash receives an update that the order was shipped. We will then automatically move the order to complete in our system. 

2. You can choose to ship your order out of ecomdash using out shipping module. Choose your order and click 'create shipping order'. From there, you can generate a label which will send tracking information to Jet. 

3. If you ship your product outside of ecomdash and you would like to enter the tracking data within ecomdash to update Jet, you can create the shipping order for your order. From there, you will go to Shipping orders - unshipped orders and click into the order using the binoculars icon. From here, you will enter your tracking information, carrier and estimated delivery date. 

** If you enter tracking for an order in ecomdash the following fields are required: Carrier, Tracking number and estimated delivery date in format (01/02/2016) **

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