How to setup ShipStation to connect with ecomdash


The ShipStation app will give you the ability to view your inventory balances from ecomdash in your ShipStation account. 

 1. You’ll need to gather your API Key & Secret​ from within ShipStation. Head to your Account Settings​ (the gear icon in the upper right).

2. Click the green Generate New API Keys​button to create a unique Key & Secret for your account. If you already have your API Key & Secret, you do not need to Regenerate API Keys. You can use the keys already created.

3. In your ecomdash account you will need to subscribe to the ShipStation app. You can do this by navigating to Administration​ > App Store > All Available Apps.​ Locate the free ShipStation app and click the info button. Here you can see information about the app as well as a button to subscribe. Once subscribed you will see the ShipStation app in the My Apps section.

4. Launch the app from the My Apps tab to set up the integration. You will need to copy and paste your ShipStation API Key & Secret ​into the appropriate fields. Click Generate Key​ and Save​.

5. In ShipStation, you may need to link Ecomdash to your Shipping From locations​in ShipStation. Navigate to Account Settings​> Shipping​> Shipping From Locations​> select Edit ​next to your Shipping From Location​> click the dropdown menu next to Inventory Source​> choose Ecomdash > and Save Changes. ​Please repeat for all Shipping From Locations.

6. Your available inventory levels will display on your orders. Click on an order number to open the Order Details. You’ll see the Ecomdash inventory levels next to the Order Items listed.

7. You can also use the Sidebar to find the inventory levels by hovering over the ecomdash logo under the order item quantity




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