How do I remove a tag from a product/ecomdash?

To remove a tag that is assigned to a product (un-assign) you will follow the directions below:

1. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management.

2. Click the binoculars for that SKU.

3. Scroll down to the Tagging section on this screen.

4. Click the arrow icon '>' on your tag that you want to remove from that product. 

5. This will not remove the tag from ecomdash altogether it will just remove that tag from that product.


To remove a tag from ecomdash completely you will follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to Administration -> Inventory Configuration.

2. Click the Tagging tab at the top right of the screen. 

3. Then find your tag you want to remove and click the red 'X' to the far right hand side to remove it from ecomdash completely. You will no longer be able to assign the tag to any products in ecomdash if you follow these steps. 

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