How to update active listings in bulk?

Within ecomdash, you can now update your price for active listings in bulk through our listing module. To do this: 

1. Navigate to Listings - Active listings 

2. Choose up to 100 listings at once to export by changing the show entries to be 100 or select the listings you would like to change in bulk. 

3. Once you select your products, click the blue 'Export listings' button. 

4. This will start an export from ecomdash and you will see a blue bar at the top with "You have successfully queued up the listing pricing file export. Click here if you wish to see the status of the export".

5. Click the link to be directed to the 'Listing Price File Export' page. 

6. Once complete, click the download file link on the far right to download the file to your computer. 

7. You will see 4 columns in your file. EcomdashID, SKU, Storefront and Listing Price. Do not add any columns to this file or remove any columns as these are needed to upload back. 

8. Change your prices within the 'Listing Price' column and save the file to computer as .CSV (Comma Delimited) 

9. Navigate back to Listings - Active listings and click the blue 'Import Listing File' button, select the file from your computer and click 'Import'. 

To check the status of the upload, navigate to Support - 'Listing Price File Import'. Once the file completes, an update will be sent out automatically to all listings with a price change. 

To check the status of the updates, navigate to Support -> Listing Submission History. 

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