What are global attributes and how are they used ?

Within ecomdash, there is a section where you can enter global attributes for your products by: 

1. Navigating to Inventory -> Inventory Management.

2. Click into a product SKU using the binoculars icon.

3. Choose the Listing tab. 

In this section, you are now able to set global attributes which will default in for your listings. This will cut down data entry as you would only need to fill in the values 1 time and they would be applied as you queue up listings.

To set these values in bulk through a listing download: 

1. Click the Quick Links at the top left.

2. Choose download listings.

3. Choose the channel you would like to download from and choose the channel you would set the global attributes from.

4. Submit.

This will download your listings from that channel and set the global attributes based on that channel information. This will be used if you would like to use, for example, eBay's attributes as your global attributes. Then when you queue up a listing for Shopify for example, it will pull eBay's information for your Shopify listings. 

To set these in bulk through a .CSV upload: 

1. Create an import format under Administration -> Inventory import/export formats.

2. Create a new 'Import Format'.

3. Add SKU number from the product field dropdown.

4. Select the global attributes you would like to upload from the global attribute dropdown. 

5. Both your .CSV file and import format columns should match exactly. 

6. Click the quick links at the top left and choose upload inventory to upload your file to set these values in bulk. 


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