What attributes are required when listing to Jet?

For listing to Jet.com, below is a list of all require attributes with a description and requirements. 

Ecomdash Attribute/Jet attribute DescriptionValidation

Listing Title/product title


The title of a given merchant sku.

5 to 500 characters

Multipack Qty/multipack quantity


Number of items with the given Standard Product Code that makes up your merchant SKU (product offer).

1 to 128

Product Code Type/standard product codes


This is an array of product codes. Please see our product code array table below.

Required if ASIN not provided



Amazon standard identification number for this merchant SKU if available.

Required if standard_product_codes not provided
length of 10



The brand for your merchant SKU

1 to 100 characters






Shipping Weight Major (pounds) 


Jet Category (Taxonomy)


URL location where Jet.com can access the image. The images should be 40,000 pixels or larger, There is no limit to image size.

  • the only unsupported image file formats are multi-layer png and gif.
  • all images' areas must be at least 40000 pixels (ie 200x200)
  • one side must be at least 100 pixels

The shipping weight (pounds) for your product. A valid value such as 3 is accepted to indicate a shipping weight of 3 pounds


ID specific to the category you are selling on Jet.com. ** See ‘Jet.com Taxonomy Category ID's’ guide for valid values**



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