How to setup sales orders to be sent to a supplier via email ?

Step 1: Setup your Mandrill account 

1. Sign up for a Mandrill email account if you do not have an account. Navigate to

2. Sign up for an account to get your Mandrill credentials.

3. Setup Mandrill in ecomdash by navigating to the Administration module in ecomdash on the left hand side of your screen

4. Click on the ‘Settings’ section within the Administration module

5. Move to the ‘Email’ tab within settings

6. Login to your Mandrill email account and click on the SMTP & API Credentials link (in the sub-menu under the gear)

7. Verify that you have an API key generated for your account. If you do not have an API key, click on the green ‘+New API key button’

8. Copy and paste the generated API Key from your Mandrill account into the Mandrill API user Key in ecomdash

9. Click ‘Save’

Click here for more information. 

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