Product Details - Listing Tab Updates - Live on 3/18

To help streamline the listing process and provide more clarity on how the listing attributes can be used we have made a few changes to the Listing Attribute tab within the product detail screens.

When you click on the Listing tab you will see 2 links (tabs):

1. Listings:This tab has 2 sections:

Global Listing Attributes: In this section, you are now able to set global attributes which will default in for your listings. This will cut down data entry as you would only need to fill in the values 1 time and they would be applied as you queue up listings.

Listing Management: Now you can quickly see within the product the current active listings as well as where the product has yet to be listed. You can click on the icons within the listing management grid to see the listing detail screens and either revise a existing listing or submit a new listing. You can also queue up listings by clicking on the Not Listed column to move the icon into the queue.


2. Listing Attributes: The listing attributes will let you see any data you have uploaded via inventory upload or that had been set from the initial listing downloads for the product. You can update all of the attributes from this screen but we recommend using the listing detail to populate the listing information once you have queued up the listing for ease of data entry.


In future releases over the next few weeks, users will be able to set the Global Listing attributes as part of the listing download process to make moving from one channel to another more streamlined. You will also be able to set these via an inventory upload in a future release.

We hope that these improvements will help make the listing process and workflow much more intuitive and streamlined. If you have any feedback please share as we are constantly working to make the software as easy to use as possible and would love your feedback.



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