How to setup your inventory to work with FBA?

If you have products you’d like routed through FBA, ecomdash can sync the balance in your FBA warehouse to your other marketplaces while Amazon controls the quantity counts for your listings. Using ecomdash broadens the scope and capabilities of FBA, enabling you to extend the reach of your FBA inventory to non-Amazon channels like ebay, Shopify, Rakuten, and so on. The guide below explains how to do it.

To set your fulfillment method for a product:

  1. - Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management
  2. - Click into the product details using the binoculars icon setfba-2.png

  3. - Choose the storefront tab in the upper right of the product details page

  4. - Here you will see a fulfillment column where you can set 'Fulfilled by Amazon' for your products that are FBA.


To do this in bulk for your products:

  1. - Create a .CSV file with SKU number in column A and Storefront Fulfillment in column B.

  2. - For the first column (column A), enter your SKU numbers that you would like to set the Storefront Fulfillment for.

  3. - For the second column (column B), enter the Storefront Fulfillment you would like to set for each product. The values accepted are 'AMAZON' or 'MERCHANT'.

  4. - Save this file as .CSV (comma delimited file).


Next, you’ll need to build a format within ecomdash to match your file (this tells our system how to read the file):

  1. - Log into ecomdash and navigate to Administration -> Inventory Settings -> Inventory Import/Export Formats
  2. - Click 'Add New Format' and give your import format a name such as "Set Storefront Fulfillment" and choose ‘Add.’

  3. - From the storefront dropdown at the top of your format, choose the storefront you would like to set your Storefront Fulfillment for. (Note: We can only set fulfillment by product for a particular storefront, that is, by listing. Specifying the storefront tells us which listing we should set the fulfillment for on the SKU being specified in the file.)

    For example, if I want to change fulfillment on my ebay store to FBA, I’d choose the name of my ebay storefront here.

  1. - Click the 'Add Attribute' button, which will bring up the attribute lookup screen. These will appear in alphabetical order - scroll down to find SKU Number and click the + next to it to add it. Then find Storefront Fulfillment and click the + to add it as well. (Tip: Use your computer’s find feature to quickly get to the attribute – on windows, it’s CTRL+F)

  2. - Click 'Save' to save your import format.

Now, you’ll just need to upload your file:

  1. - Hover over the quick links icon on the top left of your screen and click ‘Upload Inventory’.

  2. - Choose the format you created, the file and 'Overwrite existing product details' as the matching SKU behavior.
  3. - Click 'Upload'
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