How can I set my reserve level in bulk?

Below are the exact steps for adding or adjusting the 'Reserve Level' quantity within ecomdash in bulk.
1. Create a .CSV file with SKU number in column 1 and Reserve Level in column 2.
2. For column 1, enter your SKU numbers that you would like to set a reserve level for.
3. For column 2, enter the Reserve level quantity you would like to set for each product.
4. Save this file as .CSV (comma delimited file).

Next you will build a format within ecomdash to match your file:
1. Log into ecomdash and navigate to Administration -> inventory import/export
2. Choose 'add new format' and give your import format a name such as 'Set Reserve Level' and choose add.
3. From the product attribute dropdown find the attribute 'SKU number' and click 'add field'.
4. From the product attribute dropdown find the attribute 'Reserve Level' and click 'add field'.
5. Click 'Save' to save your import format.

Now you are going to upload your file:
1. Click the quick links at the top left of your screen with the lighting bolt icon.
2. Choose 'Upload Inventory'.
3. Choose the format you created, the file and 'Overwrite existing product details'.
4. Click 'Upload'

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