Product, Kit and Built Product Detail Screen Updates - 2/17

With our release on 2/17, we made a number of updates to streamline the data availability and efficiency within our product, kit and built product detail screens. These changes include:

1. Updated the first tab to display additional data including the shipping information and manufacturer information.

2. Updated the second tab to be the custom tab which will show your custom attributes. You can add additional attributes from within Administration -> Inventory Configuration and also control which attributes display on this tab.

3. Removed the Storefront Price from the storefront tab and instead adding a direct action to the active listing section so you can see your active listings for that SKU to see the pricing from there.

4. Added additional instructional and help information on all of the detail tabs to help make the supporting documentation more easily available.


All of the fields still work the same and can be set via the CSV upload process as always. The change was to better organize the data to make it more efficient to see and interact with.

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