Queud Listing Workflow - Release 1/26/2016

With our release on Tuesday, 1/26 we changed the workflow slightly to list products. Previously every time you went to the Queued listing screen, ecomdash would complete the validations to confirm the current status of your listings automatically to determine if they are Ready to list or in an Edits Required Status.

To complete the validations every time the screen was loaded was causing the screen to take a little longer to load than we would prefer so we made the following changes:


1. Whenever you queue a listing from the software, they still get added as always to the Queued Listing screen now in a status of Queued.

2. You can now filter this screen by status

3. If you click on the queued status from the filter, you can select all of the listings and click on the validate button. This will perform the check on your listings to ensure you have all of the required fields added.

4. Once the validation completes, your listings will now be in a Ready or Edits Required Status.

5. You can filter on the Edits required to add the additional required fields into the detail screen. Once you update the detail screen with the missing data, we run the valuation for you automatically and will change the status to ready if all of the required fields are met.

6. At any time you can go to the Ready Status filter, select all of your listings and click on the Create Listing action to submit the listings to your sales channels.


We hope that this workflow really simplifies the listing process and improves the overall performance of the screens.

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