Report Overview

One of the benefits of using a complete end to end software package like ecomdash is the ability to use all of the data to help with your decision making about your business. The ecomdash reporting module provides you actionable data to help you determine where your business strengths and weaknesses are.

To navigate to the reporting module, you will see in the left hand navigation Reporting. When you click on that link you will be asked to pick the Category of report you would like to review.

  • Accounting: The accounting reports help you see the costs of your items compared to the revenue you brought in during user defined periods of time. This section also contains Tax related reports for year-end tax reporting and quarterly tax reporting.
  • Purchasing: If you are using the ecomdash purchase order module, this category of reports will let you see your breakdown of purchase orders by supplier including what is outstanding by supplier and received in by supplier. You can also export your purchase order details from this section. Using forecast reporting you can also get visibility into when you will want to submit a purchase order to ensure products are received before they run out of stock.
  • Inventory: Understanding which products are moving and which products have gone stale can be critical to decision making an ecomdash reporting can provide you this information. Additionally there are many ways cost is tracked including average cost, landed cost or fixed cost based on an assumption fixed price and ecomdash reporting can help you see what the true expense of your items are to help you in determining the correct pricing based on your profit goals. If you do have a large number of SKU’s, reporting helps you make sense of all of the data in 1 snapshot to see all activity taking place and see trends with your business.
  • Listing: Listing reports help you see the progress and history of any listing you have submitted out of ecomdash to your sales channel to track and audit your use of the listing module.
  • Sales: It is critical to your business to know what channels are performing the best in order to understand where to best spend your time expanding listings. Sales reports like the Sales Trend report helps you get this information to see which products are selling the best, Sales Orders by Status can help you see which channels are doing the best for sales and Sales Analysis will help you see all of your pricing, sales movement and stale dated in 1 place. You can also export your sales order data from within the sales reporting area.
  • Shipping: Shipping reports allows you to see what your outstanding shipments are regardless if you are dropshipping or fulfilling your own orders. Additionally you can see the shipping details of orders you have worked.
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