Part 3: Warehouse Export Format


Ecomdash will import the sales orders from your sales channels and convert all of the order information into an order export based on how you define the file to look. This allows you to configure the order export to match your supplier’s specific requirements on how they want the feed to look and the fields in the order that they will accept.

To configure your sales order export:

  1. Go to Administration, and then Warehouses and open your warehouse by clicking on binoculars icon.
  2. Once you are in the warehouse details, click on Export Format Tab
  3. Ecomdash uses the attribute Ecomdash ID to match the order we pass out to your dropshipper with the fulfillment data they return. You will want to include ecomdash ID in your export to warehouse and ensure your supplier includes it in their file back to ecomdash.
  4. This screen works similarly to the inventory import format where you will see a dropdown that contains the sales order related data fields. You will want to select the field you want to include in your export to your supplier. If your supplier has provided you a template to deliver the order information you will want to use that to design the feed.
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