Part 2: Warehouse Setup


As mentioned, ecomdash treats dropship suppliers as warehouses as they are essentially an extension of your warehouse options. To add a warehouse, you will want to go to Administration, and then warehouses. From there, you can add a new warehouse. You will want to add a warehouse for each supplier you plan to dropship to.

To set the warehouse information for your products you can do this in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. User Interface: Within the software, you can go to Inventory Management and open the product details by clicking on the binoculars icon. Within the details, you will see the ability to add a warehouse to your product. You will want to ensure that you set the warehouse you plan to dropship the product to as the default warehouse.
  2. Inventory Upload: To set the warehouse for products in bulk, you can create an inventory upload by going to Administration, and then Inventory Import/Export formats. From there you will want to create a new format that includes SKU Number and the Warehouse ID value defined for the warehouse you created. When you upload your CSV file with the SKU and Warehouse ID information, this will automatically attach the warehouse to the products in the file and make the warehouse the default.
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