Part 3: Updating Quantities and Product Setup


Now that you have a good understanding of the terminology we use and how ecomdash does the syncing based on the various ways you can configure your syncing needs the next step is to validate and set your values. Here are some key items you want to confirm before you turn on auto sync:

  • Is your quantity on hand correct for your products?
  • Did you want to set Available Quantity or Reserve Level for your products?
  • Do you need to create any mappings for your products to ensure they are matched and managed across sales channels?

If so, there are 2 ways to make any of these updates. The first is to go to Inventory Management and open up the product detail screen by clicking on the binoculars. From there you will see a few tabs across the top. The first tab is the details tab where you will find the quantity on hand and reserve quantity fields. On the storefront tab within a product detail, you will see the available quantity, the always use available quantity as well as the reference ID field which is used to map the products to your SKU’s.

In addition to updating using the user interface, you can also set this data in bulk across your products by using an inventory upload format and setting this data by uploading a spreadsheet that contains this data and a corresponding ecomdash inventory import format.

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