Part 2: Configure Your Inventory

Now that you have your products within ecomdash there are a few different configurations you will want to consider within inventory management:

Kits: If you sell individual products as a collection or in packs of multiples of the same item, you will want to create a Kit to properly track your inventory. To do this go to Inventory Management, select Add New, Create Kit. From here you can define the SKU that you sell the Kit under and the components or products that make up the Kit.

Built Products: If you manufacture items, you will want to create those items as Built Products. When you do this, you can define the raw materials that are used in the build of the product. To increase quantity on hand of your Built Products you can create a Work Order to track the build.

Define Mappings: If you have the same product on different channels but listed under different SKU’s you will want to create mappings within ecomdash. To do this, open up the product detail from inventory management, click on the Storefront Tab and you will see for each sales channel a Reference ID column which defaults to your SKU. You will want to update this reference ID for any sales channel where the SKU is different so ecomdash knows how to match and manage the item on that channel.

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