How can I set eBay business policies for my products?

1. You will navigate to Administration -> storefronts

2. Click into your eBay storefront and click on the 'Listing Settings' tab. 

3. You will see your different policy ID's. Each policy should be labeled and have a specific ID that is unique to that policy

3. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management

4. Using the binoculars icon, click into a product you would like to set your policies for.

5. Click on the ‘Listing attribute tab’ and choose eBay.(Note: make sure the category is selected)

6. Scroll down to the Optional listing attributes section.

7. Click ‘Add Attribute’ 

8. Choose ‘Shipping (or Payment or Return) Business Policy ID’

9. Next you will enter the policy ID that you would like to set for this product.

*Note: you can also upload the policy ID's in bulk through a .CSV file and creating a import format to match. 

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