Where can I see the channels my products are listed?

Within ecomdash, you can view what sales channels your products are listed on: 

1. Navigate to the 'Listing' Icon

2. Click 'Listing Management' 

3. You will see an icon for every storefront you setup within ecomdash.


4. There are 3 different columns related to listing. 

-Active Listings: shows what channels you have active listings for specific products

-Not Listed: Shows where your products are not listed

-Queued listing: Shows listings that have been queued in ecomdash. To view your queued listings, navigate to Listings -> Queued listings. 

5. Click the storefront icon to queue up a listing to be sent to a sales channel. Click here for more detailed information on listing your products. 

*The listing management screen is a point in time, to update this screen click the quick links at the top left of your screen, choose download listings. This will bring in a fresh copy of your listings* 


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