How do I set the physical location for my inventory?

To define your physical location for your inventory you will first navigate to the inventory management module.

1. From here, click on the binoculars icon of a product to navigate to the product details 
2. Scroll down and click on the 'Warehouses' section
3. Here is where you can enter a warehouse for your product, the aisle and bin location. 

If you would like to upload a warehouse for a product, aisle and bin in bulk: 

1. Navigate to Administration -> warehouses to get the warehouse ID location to assign a warehouse for your products in bulk
2. Create a .CSV file on your computer with SKU Number, Warehouse ID, Aisle and Bin
3. In the warehouse column, you will enter the warehouse ID based on the warehouse you would like to assign to your SKU number. Enter in the aisle and bin location for your SKU's
4. Navigate to Administration -> Inventory import/export formats and create a new import format 
5. Give this format a name and add SKU number, Warehouse, Aisle and Bin form the product attribute dropdown.
6. Click the action dropdown with the lightning bolt icon and choose to upload inventory
7. Choose the file you just created and choose to 'Overwrite existing product details' 

8. Click 'Upload' 

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