Where can I set a reserve level for my product?

Within ecomdash, you can set a reserve level for your products. This will affect the quantity that is synced to your sales channel. 

For example: if you have a quantity on hand of 10 for SKU 123, you can set a reserve level of 2. This will sync a quantity of 8 to your sales channel. 

To set the reserve level for your product:

1. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Management 

2. Click into the product SKU using the binoculars icon. 

3. Adjust the 'Reserve Level' to a value of your choice. 

Once you adjust the reserve level, you can navigate to Inventory management -> check the checkbox for your SKU-> click the 'sync actions' dropdown and choose 'Sync Now'. This will manually send out a balance based on the reserve level you set. 


To Set this in bulk, click here

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