Where do I start to create my first listing?

To start listing using the listing module within ecomdash: 

1. Navigate to Listings on the left hand side navigation 

2. Choose 'Listing Management' to view a list of your products. 

3. This screen will show you where your products are active, unlisted and queued. 

4. Click the storefront icon to queue up a listing. 

5. Navigate to Listings -> Queued listings to view the listings you have queued. 

6. They will have a status of 'edits required' or 'ready'. 

7. Click the 'edits required' link to make any additional edits and click 'save'. 

8. Once the listings are in a status of 'ready', check the checkbox for those products and click 'create listings. 

To view the status of your listings, navigate to Support -> Listing Submission history.

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