How do I turn on Auto Sync ( autosync ) for a product?

To enable Inventory Syncing:


1. Enable 'Auto Sync Inventory' 

  • Navigate to Administration > Inventory Settings > Inventory Tab

  • Click the check box for 'Auto Sync Inventory'. This will enable the auto-sync feature.

2. Turn on 'Auto Sync' for specific products

  • To turn on Auto Sync functionality for your products, navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management and select the checkbox(s) for the product(s) that you wish to turn on Auto Sync for.
  • Click the 'Sync Action' drop-down and choose 'Turn on Auto Sync'


  • You can turn on auto sync for products or in bulk by applying a Supplier, Warehouse, or Inventory filter from a drop down. Then choose the 'Turn on Auto Sync for All in Filter' action. If you do not select a filter, this will turn on Auto-Sync for all of your products.

  • There will be a blue rectangular icon with two arrows beside the SKU on the Inventory Management screen to indicate that the functionality is turned on for your product. 
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