How do I export my inventory?

In ecomdash, you can export your inventory by creating a custom export format. 

1. Navigate to Administration -> Inventory Import/export 

2. Scroll down to 'Export Inventory Formats' 

3. Choose 'Add New Format' and give your export format a name. Choose 'Add' to add your export format.

4. Using the product and listing attribute fields that you would like to export. Find the attribute you would like to add and choose the green 'add field' button. 

-Product attributes are attributes at the product level such as name, quantity, warehouse ID, Supplier, etc. 

-Listing attributes are attributes that are sales channel specific. If you change the storefront dropdown at the top of your import format, you can choose your storefront such as Amazon which will only show Amazon listing attributes in the listing attribute dropdown. 

5. Click 'save' to save your export format

6. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory management 

7.Choose the blue 'Export' function.

8. choose all products or a selected number of products 

-There is a limit of 25k SKU's on the export function. 

9. To view your export, navigate to Support -> Inventory Export history. 

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