What is the difference between quantity on hand and available quantity?

Within ecomdash, there are two different quantity attributes. 

1. Quantity on Hand is the true quantity of inventory you have in stock. This can be located by navigating to Inventory -> inventory management. 

2. Available Quantity is the specific quantity value other than your quantity on hand that you want displayed on your sales channel. This can be located by clicking into your product on inventory management by using the binoculars icon-> storefront tab. This value is defaulted to be 999 for every product and sales channel. We only suggest changing this value if you would to set different values on different sales channel or if you have listing limits. 

Ecomdash by default will display the lower of the two quantities on your sales channel unless you tell us to 'always sync available quantity'. 

**Please note: If you choose the check the box for "Always sync available quantity.This will always sync the available quantity value with your sales channel no matter what the quantity on hand for your product is.

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