How do I use the email marketing tool?

You can use the email marketing tool to create promotional templates and send emails to your customers immediately after orders takes place or schedule them later as a marketing campaign.

NOTE: The email marketing tool can be used to manually send emails out to customers within ecomdash so if you are looking for something to automate the sending of emails, we are integrated with Mandrill and you can sign up for an account here,


To setup the email marketing follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Administration - Email Templates

2. Select "Add Template" button from the toolbar

3. Fill in your email template name. This is just for reference within dropdowns inside of ecomdash.

4. Select the storefront you want to tie this email template to. 

5. Select if you want to include order details on the email.

6. Select if you want to auto send an email for this template

7. Selecting products will tie the email template to specific products. When your sales, shipping or purchase order contains this product it will populate by default within your email form. If you want the email to apply to all products sold on a storefront, check the apply to all checkbox.

8. Fill in the subject line and the body you want defaulted into the email.

*NOTE: If you want the product sold within the order, you can use [PRODUCTNAME] within the email subject or the email body and we will pull the product name directly into your email for you. If more than 1 product sold within the order, we will pull the first product into the email template. To include the Storefront name, use [STOREFRONTNAME]. To include Product Sold As Name, use [SOLDASPRODUCT]. To include the Customer Name, use [CUSTOMERNAME]. To include the Sales Order Number, use [SALESORDERNUMBER]. To include the Tracking #'s and Carriers for your shipments, use [TRACKINGNUMBERANDCARRIER].

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