Part 1: Enable Dropshipping Option


To enable dropshipping for your account, you will want to go to Administration, and then Settings. From there, click on the Shipping tab and check the box to enable dropshipping for your account. You will be presented with a dropdown to define your dropship rule:

  • Dropship at the order level: When selected, ecomdash will output the entire order in your feed. For example if 1 sales order had 3 line items, all 3 line items will go with the feed to your supplier regardless of the warehouses assigned to the products within the order.
  • Dropship based on the products warehouse definition: When selected, ecomdash will look at the default warehouse defined for the products with the sales order first, if the default sales order is the warehouse that the feed is defined for, then the product will be sent. If the default warehouse for the product is not the warehouse, the product would not be sent with the order on the feed.
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