Part 3: Restock Process


Here is a quick overview of how the normal restock process works:

  1. When you have products reach a reorder level, they will be added to the Low Inventory List screen located under Inventory Management.


  1. From Low Inventory, you can filter your products by supplier and select the products you wish to restock. Once selected, you can take the New Purchase Order action which will create a new PO with the selected products included


  1. When you see the purchase order, all of the data such as Supplier, Cost and Reorder Amount should be defined and the PO should be ready to go out to your supplier


  1. After you validated the amounts and products included in the PO, you can click the submit purchase order action. You will see the ability to print the order or email the order to your supplier available.


  1. At any time you can go to Restock Inventory and then the Purchase Order list. From here, you can look at all of your purchase orders based on status or supplier.


  1. When you receive in a delivery from a supplier, you can open the Purchase Order and click on the Receipt of Goods tab within the Purchase Order Detail screen.


  1. If you are receiving in the full balance, you can check the box to receive all and click Save. This will move the order to received and close the order.


  1. If you are only receiving a portion at this time, you can enter the amounts being received and click save which will move the order to partially received. Once the outstanding balance is delivered you can update the order with the remaining balance and click save to move it to received.


  1. If you have submitted items but either only some of the order can be fulfilled, you can mark the PO as complete which will assume any outstanding balance will not be delivered in the future.


  1. When you receive in a purchase order, this will add the ordered amount into your quantity on hand for that product. As a result, ecomdash will sync out an inventory adjustment automatically to reflect the new balance of the SKU on your sales channels.


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