Part 4: Additional Processing Scenarios


Within a workflow there are always one off situations that come up. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when they do:

  • Cancel Label: If you need to cancel a label that was generated, you can open up the shipping detail screen and click on the Print Shipping Label tab. From there, if you click on the red X this will put in a refund request for this label with your carrier.
  • Reprint Label: You can reprint the label from the support, and then print label history screen. You can also reprint from the All Shipping Order screen.
  • Split Sales Order into 2 (or more) Shipping orders: To split a sales order into many shipping orders, from the paid ready to ship screen click on the box icon in the far right column instead of using the Create Shipping Order action. When you do this, you are brought to the split sales order screen to create more than 1 shipping order.
  • Buy Postage: If you need to add additional money to your integrated account, you can go to Administration and then Shippers and open up the integration. From there you can click on Buy Postage to add additional money to your carrier account.
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