Part 3: Order Processing


When you are ready to start shipping, you will want to go to Sales Orders, and then Paid Ready To Ship to see the orders that are ready to be worked. From here, you can select the orders and take the Create Shipping Order Action which will move these orders from this screen and into the Shipping Queue.

If you go to Shipping and then Unshipped Orders you will see the orders you created that are ready to be shipped.

  • The first part of your workflow should be to generate a Pick List from the action buttons. This will open up in your default PDF viewer and you will want to send that to your printer. When you generate a Pick List it will show you a list of all of the products that you sold, how many, and where in your warehouse they are located so that you can quickly gather the items you are about to ship.


  • Once you have picked your items, it is time to Pack. You can generate the packing slips for your orders by selecting the orders and taking the print packing slip action and send it to your printer. You can add the packing slips to your outgoing package to your customer.


  • After you have packed your item you can generate the shipping label. You should see the Shipping Weight Major and Minor defaulted in from your product settings. If not, you can update the values on the unshipped order screen. Your carrier, package type and confirmation defaults should also set based on what you defined at the carrier level as a default. The only thing you need to do is pick the service type you would like to use for this order and you will see the cost related for that label within the dropdown located in the last column on that screen.


  • After you select the service option, you can take the Print Shipping Label action which will generate the label for you. At the same time, it will move the order to shipped and send the tracking information back to your sales channel to move the actual order to shipped with tracking data.


Tip: Shipping Rates are not populating?

If you have filled in everything but not seeing any rates return in the dropdown for your order, it will typically be for one of the following reasons:

  • Address is not valid: If the ship to address is not valid, the carrier will not return a rate. You can open up the shipping order detail by clicking in the binoculars to see if an address error is occurring.
  • Selected Options are not valid: Different weights are allowed different options and if you have selected an invalid combination no rates will be returned. You will want to review your weight, package type, confirmation selected and confirm they are a valid combination.


Tip: Ship From Location

Ecomdash uses the company address as the default ship from location, so if you have not already filled in your company details, you will want to go to Administration, Company Details and fill in your companies address information.

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