Part 4: Turning on Auto Sync


Once you have confirmed you have the correct values setup for your products, you can go to Administration -> Settings and check the box to turn on auto sync for your company. When you do this, it will enable this feature but not for any of your products.

Once enabled, click on inventory management and you will see a new button at the top called Sync Actions. If you hover over that button you will see new actions to turn on auto sync for a product or turn off auto sync for a product.

To enable auto sync for a product, you can check the boxes next to the products you wish to have ecomdash manage and take the turn on auto sync action by clicking the sync actions on inventory management. Once complete, you will see a blue icon next to the SKU on the inventory management list screen to confirm that it is now enabled.

As ecomdash will push out balances whenever your quantity adjusts, we do recommend doing an initial manual sync of your product balance from ecomdash so that ecomdash can set the balance across your channels in case they are different. To do this, select the products and take the sync inventory action and choose “Sync Now”. This will then queue up and push out balances right at that time.

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