Part 3: Sales Order Workflow


As ecomdash imports orders we match the SKU of each line item with your SKU’s in inventory.

  • If we make a match, we reduce the quantity on hand of that item.
  • If we do not make a match, we create a new product to track the SKU.

Once in ecomdash, you will find the order in Paid – Ready To Ship and from there you can either:

  • Create a shipping order: This will create a new order in the Unshipped Order section for you to process the shipment.
  • Export to warehouse: If you need to dropship this order, you can export the order to warehouse which will export the order based on your defined warehouse format.

If you do not work the sales order within ecomdash but work the order either directly on the sales channel or a different shipping tool, ecomdash will pick up the change from the marketplace as soon as you mark it shipped on the channel and move the ecomdash order to shipped automatically so you would not need to interact with the order in this case.

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