Part 3: Bulk updates and maintaining your products

At any time you can continue to add more data about your products. Examples include additional information such as shipping defaults, purchase order defaults, listings attributes and catalogue data.

Individual Updates: You can go to inventory management, click on the product by clicking the binoculars column for that product. Within the product details you will see all of the data stored for that product and can add or update your information using the various tabs within the product details.

Bulk Updates: To do bulk adjustments across your products to add data or update data you can create an inventory import format and upload a spreadsheet to set and update data. Ecomdash will use the SKU Number on your file to match the SKU in your inventory and update all of the data. You will want to be sure when you upload your file to select the appropriate rule from the SKU match logic dropdown located on the inventory upload screen.

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