I need to remap my SKU, how do I start the remapping process?

Within ecomdash, we use the SKU number as the master value that is used to control inventory across multiple sales channels. If you have different SKU numbers on your sales channels, you can set the 'reference ID' field to allow ecomdash to hook into the different SKU's. If you changed your SKU numbers on your sales channel, you can start the remapping process by following the steps below. 

If you would like to remap your SKU numbers within ecomdash:

1. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory management 

2. Click into the product SKU you would like to remap 

3. Navigate to the storefront tab 

4. Set the reference ID value for each sales channel to be the SKU that is set. 

See example below: 

Master SKU number in ecomdash: 123

Amazon listing SKU number: 456 

eBay listing custom label SKU: 789 

In ecomdash, the master SKU number will be 123 however the reference ID for eBay will be 789 and the reference ID for Amazon will be 456. This will allow ecomdash to make a match on the different SKU numbers across difference sales channels. 

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