Part 2: Optional Configurations


Within the ecomdash sales channel integration details there are different optional configurations you will want to take a look at. You will notice there are tabs across the top of the integration details:

Details Tab: When you go to the main integration page you will see popular options that are sales channel specific. Examples include for eBay you can enable the out of stock control or for Amazon you can define your default setting for FBA.

Listing Settings: This tab is not available for all sales channel integrations. Those that have specific listing options will have an additional tab to define listing preferences.

Packing Slips: This tab allows you to configure the packing slip generated out of ecomdash to define the look and feel of the slips including logos, customer information and product information when generated for orders from this channel.

Order Upload Format: This tab allows you to create a format that will then allow you to manually upload orders from a .CSV file. 

As you work to add or update your integrations, please reach out to us at any time for assistance if needed. We are available by phone, live chat or email to help you get setup and running.

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