What is a shipping profile?

A shipping profile is required field that is used when listing to Etsy from ecomdash. To setup your shipping profile on your Etsy shop:

1. Navigate to your Etsy shop

2. Choose 'Your Shop'

3. Choose Listings and then click 'Shipping Profiles' 

4. Here is where you can create your shipping profiles. (*In order to list from ecomdash, the shipping profile cannot be calculated*) 

If your shipping profile's name is "1 - 3 days" you will copy and paste this value into ecomdash. 

1. Navigate to Inventory -> Inventory management 

2. Click into a product SKU using the binoculars icon

3. Choose the listing attributes tab and choose 'Etsy'

4. Enter the shipping profile name within the attribute 'Etsy Shipping Profile'. 

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