What is the difference between a Kit and a built product?

In ecomdash, you have the option to create a new kit and a new built product. Below describes the difference between the two: 

Kit: You would use a kit if you are selling items in bundles either multiples of the same item or combinations of items. So for example if you sell a 3 pack of an item, you would create a kit with the main product in it and define that the kit has 3 of it. This way when it sells we know to reduce the quantity of the main product by 3. You can also use it if you sell 3 individual items together as a bundle. This way when we see the SKU sell, we know to interpret it as the individual items and reduce quantities.

Built Product: This is used if you manufacturer or build your items. You would use the work order process under Restock Inventory to create and process a work order. When you do this, we reduce quantity on hand of the raw materials or components that make up the built item as well as increase the quantity on hand of the finished item upon the completion of the work order.

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