3DCart Sales Channel Integration Setup

ecomdash supports inventory, order and listing management for your 3DCart shopping cart.

To add your 3DCart integration:

1. Login to your ecomdash account

2. Click on Administration and then Storefronts


3. Select Add New action and you will be brought to the new storefront integration page

4. Select 3DCart as the platform and click Save


5. Login to your 3dcart store admin panel. *Be sure you are in the New admin panel and not in the Legacy admin panel, you can switch panels at the top of the login page.*


6. Copy the 3dcart Store URL from the admin panel next to the 'View Store' button at the top. Paste it below in the Store URL field and click 'Save'.

7. Navigate to Modules link on left side menu and enter 'REST API' in the search modules box.

8. Click on the green 'Change Settings' link below the REST API result.

9. Click the +Add button in the upper right corner and copy this Public Key (dab630199f7b638fc5aefcf3ef9ab916) into the Public Key field on the 3dcart admin panel and click the +Add button next to the field.

10. On the application popup click on the +Authorize button to finalize the integration.

11. Once authorized on 3dcart, navigate back to ecomdash and click 'Refresh' to enable your 3dcart storefront.


12. Click Save to complete the integration


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