How do I turn on auto import sales order ?

Turn on ‘Auto Import Sales Orders’ can be activated at the storefront level:

Navigate to Administration > Storefront Settings


Click on the binoculars icon to enter the storefront details page for the storefront you would like to enable auto import sales orders for

Select the checkbox to "Auto Import Sales Orders" and click "Save"


Auto Import Sales Orders will need to be enabled for each storefront you would like ecomdash to automatically import sales orders from.


Manually Import Sales Orders

  • Click the Action dropdown at the top left of your screen 
  • Choose ‘Import Sales Orders’


  • Select the storefronts you would like to manually import sales orders from
  • Click ‘Import Orders’
  • You will be directed to the import orders history module within ecomdash
  • View the status and message of your import here
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